Branches with bark inclusions split easily

With the latest wind storm we have found that a reoccurring factor in many cases of Tree damage have been trees with included bark.

This can be prevented in most cases with proper Tree care as the trees mature. Below is good explanation from the University of Florida of what Inclusions are.





This tree split apart because of the bark inclusion in the union where the two codominant stems joined (see close-up at right for detail of the bark inclusion). A bark inclusion is where bark is included in the union (crotch) of two stems or in the union of a branch and trunk.”




Included Bark



“A close-up of the bark inclusion on the tree shown on the left (the outer edges are indicated with the arrows) shows that bark is actually enclosed or included in the union where the two stems once joined together. This clearly shows why included bark is a serious defect in shade trees.”