A Spring Checklist for Your Trees

Spring Tree Care Tips

As your trees and shrubs enter peak growing season, there are a few spring tree care tips that will help your trees get in top condition and ready for the summer heat.

Repair Storm Damage

First, if you had any storm damage to your trees or landscape plantings over the winter, inspecting and repairing that damage should be your top priority. Fresh pruning cuts heal quickly with springtime’s vigorous growth, but bacteria and fungal diseases are also building momentum, so disinfecting pruning gear is a must to minimize infection on many specimens.

Feed Your Trees

Spring is also an ideal time to feed your plants. From your smallest perennials to the largest tree species in the landscape, plants need an ample supply of nutrients readily available to be taken up by the roots.

While nitrogen gets all the attention, micro-nutrients play an equally important role in keeping your trees healthy, and can easily be depleted from some soils.

The Tree Medic uses the finest, most easily absorbed fertilizers available, and custom mixes them for your specific plants using mycorrhizae, biostimulants, and hormones. Soil drenches and soil injection are excellent ways to make sure these valuable, nutrient-rich slurries are quickly taken in by your trees.

Prevent Pests and Diseases

Lastly, the coming summer heat can stress your trees and shrubs from the leaves to the roots. Insects are most attracted to these plants, and are at their most active feeding cycle.

Spring is the best time to apply systemic compounds to control the damage from an insect infestation, while leaving beneficial insects and pollinators unharmed. The Tree Medic uses the most advanced compounds and techniques to help keep your living landscape in balance.

Please contact us if we help with any of your springtime tree and shrub endeavors. Enjoy your beautiful Northwest landscape!