Tree & Shrub Removal

Tree Removal is a necessary part of caring for residential landscapes. Dead, dying, heavily damaged, or diseased trees can be extremely hazardous and must be considered for removal.

Some trees and woody plants are best removed to accommodate construction projects, excavation, or other invasive activities that will have life-threatening impact on a tree’s growing environment.

Specialty Tree Services Certified Arborists can assess the tree’s condition to  determine which trees in the landscape are salvageable, and which trees should be removed. If appropriate, we will also make recommendations for replanting.

A Tree Should Be Removed When:

  • It is growing in crowded conditions. The selective removal of trees can provide space for the remaining trees to grow and thrive.
  • Landscape changes occur due to construction projects.
  • It is dead, dying, or has suffered severe storm damage.

Stump Grinding & Planting Services

Once the tree is removed, we can provide stump grinding services and relandscape the area for planting beds or lawns.

Our Arborists can also make recommendations for replacement trees and provide planting services.

Site Evaluation to Prevent Tree Removal

A great deal of expense (and heartache) can be avoided if the landscape and/or specific tree is assessed before construction or excavation begins.  This will help determine if the tree will survive the project long-term or if should be removed.

It can take many years before a large tree appears sickly or dies from root or main stem damage, soil compaction, or changes in soil moisture and composition.

Not only can a large tree be a difficult obstacle to avoid with heavy equipment, but a large dead tree can be very expensive to remove once a site is developed, or the construction project is finished.

A site evaluation prior to construction can help protect viable specimens by setting up a Critical Root Zone (CRZ) protection area around them.

  • The CRZ is the starting point when planning for tree protection.
  • The CRZ encompasses all tree roots out to at least the drip line of the tree.
CRZ | Specialty Tree Services

The critical root zone encompasses all tree roots out to at least the drip line of the tree. If the site allows, going beyond the drip line provides even more protection.



The Specialty Tree Services arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.
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