Storm Damage & Tree Repair

We are experts in removing large or hazardous trees.

Trees have a natural ability to handle most weather conditions. Over years of growth, a tree will acclimate to wind, soil moisture, and other weather related activity at a given site.

On occasion, trees are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as high winds, ice, or heavy snowfall. This will cause the most vulnerable portions of a tree the to fail -- sometimes it's the entire tree.

This can be devastating to the health of your tree and cause an extreme hazard to people, pets, and property.

Many trees can simply have broken or damaged limbs removed and the wounds repaired so the tree can close off the injury. Severe damage may require removal.

In storm damage situations, it's critical to call an expert, as most large specimens will have damage that cannot be assessed from the ground or by the untrained eye.

A call or text message to Specialty Tree Service is a quick and safe way to find out the overall condition of your storm damaged tree and learn about all possible solutions.

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The Specialty Tree Services arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.
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